Hi, I'm Tish.

I'm a queer woman living in Ottawa, Canada.

I am interested in lesbian movies, Amy Sherman-Palladino television, feminist fairy tales, pop culture witches, and women wearing suits.

When I’m not organizing film events at the Canadian Film Institute, I am producing and co-hosting two podcasts, writing about media and myself, researching fairy tales, and ignoring my dirty dishes.

I wanted to be a filmmaker from the moment I first used a camcorder when I was 12. Set on a film production program after high school, I ended up at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. It was always cold and I hated it. I came back to Ottawa and changed gears, taking Baking and Pastry Arts at Algonquin College, which led to teaching cake decorating classes and a job as a cake decorator. During that time I was inconsistently making videos for YouTube; vlogs, DIYs, baking, cocktails, and a web series about unicorns. After the bakery closed in 2015, I started two podcasts with my friends; Rated F and The Doctor's Companions: A Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast. My interest in film shifted from production to study/criticism. Working a contract job with the Canadian Film Institute for the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2016 opened up another area of the film industry to me that I didn't even know existed in Ottawa; film festivals. While I ended up back in retail management, I continued to expand the Rated F brand with opportunities like presenting a panel at Ottawa ComicCon 2018 and filling in as a film critic for CBC Radio's All in a Day. In May 2018, I bid a sweet farewell to retail for the opportunity to work for the CFI full time. As Festival Administrator, I organize and oversee the CFI's film festivals and events throughout the year, including the OIAF.

I continue to appear on All in a Day, when asked, and present film panels at Ottawa ComicCon every year. I have a scripted web series begging to be produced, and a fairy tale video essay series in the research stage. I continue co-hosting and producing my two podcasts, writing on my blog every week, and looking for more opportunities to talk and write about film for whomever will have me.