Back to the Future

My second movie about time travel in a week. This handles it very differently than The Butterfly Effect, though. Back to the Future is a total 80’s classic and I can see why. A cute Michael J. Fox in the lead (he looks exactly the same today, the dude doesn’t age!) with Christopher Lloyd as the crazy scientist for comic relief. There’s also a lot of cheesy-only-funny-in-the-80’s jokes and situations, like the cringe-inducing scenes when Marty’s mom (in the past) tries to get with him.

This isn’t really my kind of movie, but I like it for what it is: cute, funny, 80’s story. I didn’t like the improbability of when he went back to the present and everything was perfect for his family. I thought it would have been more realistic if he’d turned his dad into a rage-aholic and other things changed that he couldn’t have predicted. But, that’s just me, I’m not a fan of happy endings when they don’t make sense.