The Butterfly Effect: Director's Cut with Commentary

First of all, the commentary feature was very hard to find on the DVD because there are so many special feature menus with all the Infinifilm features and extras. Which is awesome, because I love me some special features and behind-the-scenes stuff, but it took some digging to find the commentary.

The commentary is only on the director's cut because the commentary is by the co-directors and co-writers, Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, and of course they prefer their cut. I've seen both versions of the film and I prefer the director's cut because it has extra scenes which add interesting plot points and the theatrical version had a very Hollywood ending where everyone lives happily ever after, but the director's cut has a darker ending in which Evan saves everyone else by sacrificing himself. (Hope I didn't spoil the movie for anyone there.)

The commentary was really interesting. They talked about technical aspects of making the film, specific scenes that were hard, what was happening behind the camera, etc. They also had lots of jokes to tell about things happening on screen as well as behind the camera stuff. I found out about a lot of themes in the movie I didn't realize before, like the color Miller Red that only appears on screen when the scene has something to do with the kids' molestation by their father. A lot of digital color correcting happened to the film, especially for flashback scenes which get increased or decreased saturation, and all the different worlds Evan creates has its own digital color treatment.

As far as commentaries go, this one is really good. They talk consistently throughout the film. You'll learn a lot about how the film was made and get more insight into the complex story.