Celebrity Look-Alikes: Jackson Rathbone vs Tygh Runyan

I've been "collecting" pictures of celebrities that look like other celebrities for a few years. I'm not sure why this is so interesting to me, but as someone who is a walking IMDb.com, it's annoying when I actually manage to confuse someone on screen for someone else. So, for your enjoyment, or confusion, I'll post some celebrity look-alikes once in a while from my 30-odd I've already collected or as I come across new ones.

Today it's the adorable Jackson Rathbone vs. the adorable Tygh Runyan. Jackson you'll probably recognize as vampire Jasper Hale from Twilight. Tygh isn't as well known. He's Canadian and I've only ever seen him on one episode of Dead Like Me (one of my favorite shows). He played a schizophrenic and he was so adorably weird, I fell in love. And then thought he looked like Jackson Rathbone, which I had seen on one episode of The O.C.

Jackson Rathbone vs. Tygh Runyan