Charlotte's Web

From the very first scene, this movie is about killing pigs and, as a vegan, I don’t like that.

Maybe it’s because I watched this movie in pieces, rather than in one sitting, but I felt like there was no plot. There was a pig on a farm, he made friends, the spider wrote things in the web, they went to the fair, spider dies, babies hatch, the end. Even the big dramatic, sad climax wasn’t very sad or dramatic. Charlotte’s like “This is my egg sac. Now I die.” and Wilbur’s like “Okay, I’ll take your egg sack home. Bye, Charlotte.”

The movie is all about making people see that even though he’s just a little runt pig, he’s special and shouldn’t be killed and eaten. I thought that was great, but I got really sad thinking why can’t people see that about every animal? Why should only the cute ones who have spider friends write words in a web get to live? Sure, he wasn’t eaten for Christmas dinner, but what was? Another pig? A cow? A sheep? A duck? A chicken? A goose? What about them? Wilbur wasn’t any more special than any other animal. It’s not fair. All animals are special. Even if they’re ugly and stupid rather than cute pigs that can do back flips, it doesn’t mean they should die. And be eaten.

I suppose this is a lovely children’s story and it teaches them that even the runts of the world are special. I just hope that kid’s also get from this movie that all animals are special and how could they eat a cute little pig for dinner?

Decide for yourself if you want to see this movie. Here's the trailer.