Dreamgirls was fabulous. Amazing music, amazing costumes, amazing performances. Okay, actually the story wasn't totally enthralling to me, but it's one of those movies you have to see because the play is so well known.
I have this thing that I get chill bumps when I hear music that is really intense and powerful or emotional. Like a really beautiful voice or crescendo. I had chill bumps half the time watching this movie. Every song was powerful. Jennifer Hudson is amazing. I can't beleive she was just a girl who tried out for American Idol before this, and now she's an Academy Award Winner.

Do I need to explain the story? Doesn't everyone kind of know it already? If you like a good musical, or even just good music (there aren't many random burst into song to express my feelings cheesey musical moments), you'll enjoy the movie. I mean, it won an Oscar for Best Picture, how bad can it be? Well, I'll answer that; it's not bad. It's extremely good.

Check out the trailer to see for yourself.