Friday's Fave Five

Bryan Fuller
First, a friend introduced me to Dead Like Me. Then Pushing Daisies started. And most recently I watched Wonderfalls. All created by Bryan Fuller. All my favorites. Therefor, I’m a Bryan Fuller fan. I don’t know what else to say other than watch these amazing shows (all cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons). The characters are so quirky and lovable and two (Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls) feature the adorable Lee Pace.

Yay! Spring is here! Not so yay- I got a sunburn enjoying Spring yesterday. That’ll teach me. Just because it’s only April and only about 20 degrees, doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t out at full force. So from now on I’ll be enjoying the Spring weather with my SPF 30.

Jackson Rathbone
He’s my current celebrity crush. Really only because he’s adorable. And he’s in a band. That’s hot. And I always see him wearing suits, even in casual situations, which makes me believe he’s got a good fashion sense and boys in suits are adorable (like Jude Law in Alfie). He’s much cuter with his natural brown hair than his vampire blonde hair. So, I’m not crushing on Jasper, I’m crushing on Jackson. Just like I’m not obsessed with Edward, but I adore Rob Pattinson. I know some of you Twihards don’t seem to know there’s a difference between these boys and their vampire counterparts, but there is.

Speaking of Twihards…

While not a Twihard myself, I find myself fascinated by the people that are. I’ve never experienced that kind of obsession with a book, movie, celebrity, or in this case a whole sub-culture. These people get tattoos, stalk the film’s actors, and believe Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “belong together” because they can’t tell the different between them and their characters.
I liked the books, I liked the movie, I think Rob’s a babe and vampires are cool, but I’m not obsessed. I can’t remember ever being this obsessed with something besides maybe the Spice Girls when I was younger.
Most Twihards are much to old to be obsessing and confusing fiction with reality, though. Sad, really. It’ll all be over in a few years when the last movie is made and people have new stories and hot boys to obsess over. All that will be left are the horrendous tattoos they got when Twilight was the “it” thing. Sigh…

The April issue features Lindsay Lohan on the cover. She may be a total mess in the media’s eye, but I still think she’s beautiful and talented. I even liked I Know Who Killed Me. Besides the Lindsay article, the issue also featured lots of amazing fashion as always and little notes from former cover girls saying how much they love NYLON, because it’s the 10th anniversary issue. I’ve only been reading NYLON for a few years, so it was cool to see stuff from past issues and learn about how the magazine was started.