Friday's Fave Five

Once Soundtrack
It took me a while to watch the movie after I got it, because I wasn't sure how interesting it would really be. It was a little dull at times. It's just a mellow little story, no extreme plot. I wasn't into the music in it at first, either, but then a few of the songs really stuck with me, and I really loved the rest. The movie is about a busker who meets a girl who is also a musician. They write songs together and record a CD and then go their separate ways. The music was all written by the two stars of the movie, who are musicians on their own and only acted for this movie. It's emotion-packed acoustic guitar and piano songs. A few ballads, a few more upbeat, but they're all pretty intense with emotion. I love them all and can't stop listening to them.

Alice in Wonderland
I just got this made-for-TV version of Alice in Wonderland. I vaguely remembered Whoopi Goldburg as the cheshire cat, so I wanted to see it again. I love the crazy story of Alice in Wonderland, but I always thought the Disney version was too cutesy with too many musical numbers. Although I miss the blonde hair and blue dress look of Alice in this movie, it is definitely better than the Disney version. This movie has so much more detail from the original book, it really expands on the story and creates this crazy Wonderland world. You'll recognize a lot of the actors, including Tina Marjorino, (from Napoleon Dynamite), as Alice.

Twi-hards Hate Mail to
As you can see from my Gossip Blogs list on the right, Lainey Gossip is one of my regular sites. I recently started checking it out because it was always linked from other gossip blogs for articles about the New Moon cast filming in Vancouver. One of my favorite things on the site is when Lainey posts examples of hate mail she gets from Twi-hards who are mad at her for posting articles and pictures that suggest Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed are fucking. Here are some examples of obsessive fans' hate mail:
"YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!!!!! Rob would never be with Nikki because he wants to be with KRISTEN!!!! You probably like her because she’s dirty like you. Lol!!!! But WE deserve a better Rosalie. Why do you keep messing around? You know nothing you’re just a stupid gossip making up stories so if you don’t have anything nice to say, just stop saying it. We can go without all your Twilight news. We can get it somewhere else! From Rob’s Girl"

“I just watched the video you posted of Rob and it’s disgusting that you posted it. They need to leave him alone! He just wants privacy! You need to stop telling people that “she” is his girlfriend. You need to stop being a festerer of gossip. You are in the black book already. Don’t get yourself into more trouble. Of course you’re stupid. Only someone as stupid as you wouldn’t figure out that Rob and Kristen belong together and they “ARE” together already!!!!!!!!! You asshole!”

My New Starbucks Tumbler
When I finally saw Kim last weekend after a month of mono, she had a present for me. It's a Starbucks tumbler (their word, not mine). She thought I'd like it since I had mentioned how I like those coffee thermoses without handles like they have at Starbucks and also because this one is 27% recycled and is all "green". It's ridiculously small (8 oz. / 237mL), but I learned that's a "Tall" at Starbucks. I suppose for coffee or hot beverages that's enough, but when we tested them with water it was like -gulp- done.

Homemade Popsicles
I started making my own popsicles a few weeks ago when I had mono because I needed nice, smooth, cold things to sooth my throat. Now I just eat them all the time because they're so delicious. I make them with different flavors of V8 Fusion which is 100% fruit and vegetable juice so they're nutritious and delicious! Mine aren't exactly like the picture, but you get the idea.