Happy Easter!

Aren't you glad Jesus rose from the dead so we could have a four day weekend and yet another holiday that comes with chocolate?

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and their chocolate. I'm enjoying my Cadbury Mini Eggs right now. Because it's Easter I went to church this morning with my parents. My dad (a retired minister) was being a big gossip before the service started, talking to the lady in front of us about an old lady's bad dye job. I was also immaturely amused to hear Jesus referred to as a bastard in one of the choir's songs. Well, it's true, he was a bastard.

I'm going to enjoy my Easter Sunday by catching up on all the new movies, TV series and books I got recently. So I'll have many reviews coming this week of everything, including I Love You, Man which I saw last night with Kim. It was ridiculous.

In the spirit of this most chocolatey of days, enjoy this cheerful video about a chocolate Easter bunny.

Happy Easter!