Influence by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

I thought the book would be all about their fashion influences, but the girls interviewed more than just fashion designers. They talked to artists, fashion show producers, jewelry designers, photographers, interior designers, as well as fashion designers.

I was inspired by the things the girls’ influences said. Not about their fashion design, or their art but how they described their work ethic and how important it is to work. I got a lot of inspiration from their life stories and how they worked their way to the top. It made me really want to work on all of my creative endeavors so I can be successful someday.

Anyone who is creative in any way should read this book. It’s so inspiring creatively and personally. I really learned a lot from it and I have great respect for Mary-Kate and Ashley as business women. (Personally, though, I don’t have much respect for anyone who thinks it’s okay to wear fur or have a fur bed spread like Mary-Kate does.) I really hope I can be as successful in the creative business world as they are someday.