Another great, and sadly short-lived, series by Bryan Fuller. The premise is that Jaye (a Brown graduate now working in a Niagra Falls souvenir store) starts to see and hear any inanimate object with an animal face talk to her. They tell her to do things, sometimes in vague terms, and never with an explanation. She does what they say and she ends up, in a very round about way, helping people.

I thought it was very funny, cute and smart. The crazy plot of each episode starts out fairly comical, but in the end there’s deeper meaning in everything Jaye did. The longer plot lines include Jaye dealing with her trying-to-be perfect family, a love interest with a cute bartender with baggage, her best friend who deals with all her crazy ideas, and Jaye’s internal struggle to figure out what these voices are all about and why she is the way she is. Fans of Dead Like Me will find Jaye to be a lot like George; young, cynical, underachiever. The kind of dark humor is the same as Fuller’s other series.

The series is only 13 episodes, so I say check it out if you like this type of quirky characters and humor.