Me and You and Everyone We Know Shoes

If you’ve seen the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it, then you should because it’s really good. Miranda July, the writer/director is a genius.

In the movie Christine buys these pale pink flats because she likes the shoe salesman but doesn’t really need new shoes. When she gets home she writes “ME” on one shoe and “YOU” on the other, then she makes a video of her feet moving closer and further away like they are her and that guy. It’s really cute.

So, one day at Giant Tiger I saw pale pink flats that were pretty much identical to the shoes from the movie, so I had to buy them and write “ME” and “YOU” on them. Turned out that those were really comfortable shoes and I wore them pretty much all summer. Kim would say “me, you, me, you, me, you” as I walked.