Monsters vs. Aliens 3D

Oh my god, 3D is so freaking cool! Not the old school one eye red, one eye blue 3D, this is serious high tech I don’t even know how they do it 3D. The glasses just look like sunglasses and the screen without the glasses on just looked like two layers. It’s magic!

Even without the 3D it was a sweet movie. Really entertaining and funny. And of course a nice moral at the end about being yourself, or whatever.

Okay, I suck at writing reviews of movies I’ve only seen once because the first time I watch purely for entertainment. The second time I can make observations about the cinematography, story, etc. And writing a re-cap is just boring. I don’t want to write down the story I just watched. So from now on I think I’ll only review movies I’ve seen many times and can really analyze. And I’m not going to save you from spoilers.