Rachel Getting Married

I know I said that I wasn’t going to review any more movies I’ve only seen once, but I just saw this last night and I really loved it so it’s stuck in my mind pretty well.

This is exactly the kind of movie I love. It’s independent, hand-held camera, low budget, and the story is very character driven. I love these kind of indie movies with a simple plot that is really about the characters and that is what the story is about. Nothing grand or exciting happens, it’s just a portrayal of real people in real, or extraordinary, situations.

This movie lets the characters tell the story. Through their conversations and interactions you learn about them, their pasts, and their relationship with other characters. You learn that Kym just got out of rehab for substance abuse, she is responsible for her younger brother’s death, Rachel feels neglected by their father because Kym and her problems always take center stage, and as the weekend goes on, these people get deeper into their issues. It’s enthralling to watch the family dynamic and the drama that unfolds. Watching people that are so messed up is fascinating.

Watching Rachel Getting Married really made me want to be an actor because this is the kind of thing I would love to do. I would love to be able to become such a complete character and especially on indie movies, there is often a lot of improvising and everyone gets input. I would just love to be a part of a movie like this. It’s so real.