Four Mini Reviews

Wendy and Lucy
The kind of slow-paced, character driven indie movie that I love. Michelle Williams is a really talented actress. I never recognize her from one movie to another, which shows how well she gets into character. It’s a good story about giving people chances, and the bonds created between people even when they barely know each other.

Love and Other Disasters
I love the character Jacks. She’s a modern Holly Golightly. There are a lot of things about Jacks taken straight from Holly like Jacks always has trouble finding her keys, her wardrobe, her accent between American and British, and just generally her flighty personality. The story is about fixing people up, and Jacks learns a lesson in love. I loved it. It’s super cute, but not a typical romantic comedy.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Loves it! Becky Bloomwood is such a fun, cute character. I like the books more, as usual, but I think this movie used the best parts of the first two books to create this fun romantic comedy. I can totally relate to Becky. She says she shops because for a few moments shiny new things make the world seem like a better place and make her feel better, but then that feeling fades, so she has to shop some more. I also love Krysten Ritter. I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her on Gilmore Girls. I hope gets the opportunity to be a main character soon, not just the best friend.

A fun fantasy film. It creates an interesting world and there’s a fun adventure. It feels a little rushed and incomplete as most movies adapted from books do. I’d watch a sequel if they made one.