Seven Mini Reviews

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Pretty funny. Only a few grotesque parts, not as many as I was expecting. Cute ending.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Really cute. Eleanor Tomlinson and Aaron Johnson are beautiful. Not exactly like the book, but a good interpretation. Ridiculously cheesey ending, but it goes with the movie. I love Jas’s hair in the final scene. It’s crazy awesome.

The Tracey Fragments
One of my favorite movies. Story told all backwards and forwards, so pay attention. Edited in multi-frame style. Really interesting to watch. Based on a book I have yet to read.

Spirited Away
Crazy Japanese animated movie. In English, obviously. A The Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland type story. Little girl goes into another world which is a bath house for spirits, crazy adventures, defeats bad guy, comes home. Really interesting and crazy.

American Beauty
Kind of boring. Stories of characters get all twisted together. Will make you feel weird around your friend’s dad from now on. I guess it’s supposed to be all deep and meaningful, but even I didn’t think it was too enthralling.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Really good. Really long. Love story, adventures. I liked it.

S. Darko
I’m in love with this movie. Daveigh Chase is so beautiful. Ed Westick is so hot. Jackson Rathbone is so cute. I love the beginning scene when Sam and Cory are on a roadtrip. I thought it would be a lame sequel to a cult classic, but it’s actually really cool. More complex time traveling plot. Some of the same themes from Donnie Darko.