There's Something About Mondays

In Grade 12, my two best friends and I made a YouTube series called There’s Something About Mondays. In each episode we talked to the camera and each other about random stuff, our lives, funny things, whatever. We also each had a segment to ourselves. I did celebrity gossip, Addie did music, and Kelsey did fashion. We used nicknames to avoid stalkers. I was L.C. (because those are my actual initials), Addie was Lo (because Lo was L.C.’s best friend on Laguna Beach) and Kelsey was B.B. (because she liked to put vaseline on her lips to make them soft like a baby’s butt). At the end of every episode we danced!

It didn’t last long because they got busy and couldn’t stay at my house after school on Mondays to do the show. There was only about 3 episodes where we were all present, the rest was just me and one of them.

We had a few fans that really loved it, but overall we didn’t get many views. But we and our friends really loved it and I’ve always wanted to do something like it again. I almost did with my friend Kayla last Summer, but we only ended up making a few prank call videos before we “drifted apart” after school started.

I’ve been wanting to make my own sort of variety show like that called Tish.TV, doing stuff like the How To Make a Dress Form Out of Duct Tape video I did with Kim, and Kim and I have a few ideas for videos of us being our crazy selves, so you might be seeing those soon.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the classic There’s Something About Mondays episodes. And maybe someday there will be a TSAM reunion, you never know.

TishTish, video