Four Mini Reviews

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
I didn’t think I liked Woody Allen’s movies, but I loved this one. I like all the characters and their different views on love. It makes one think about what does love mean, what does relationships mean, what does sex mean. It also really made me want to go to Barcelona. It’s so beautiful. I loved the character Maria Elena. She’s crazy and intense and just does what she feels and paints. Loved the wardrobe, too. Casual, light, earth tones. Overall vibe: love and art.

Synecdoche, New York
I love love love Charlie Kaufman’s work. His screenplays are just crazy and all over the place but somehow they make sense. This movie has a lot of random surreal parts, which gives the whole movie the illusion of being a crazy dream this guy is having. It’s all stories within stories and you never know if any of it’s for real. Great cast, weird characters, what you’d expect from a Kaufman movie.

Really sad. All about the corruption of the LA police department. Intense because you know it’s a true story. You’re immediately on this woman’s side once she says that the boy is not her son, so you’re rooting for her for the rest of the movie to find her justice.

Risky Business
Pretty much just an R-rated Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ridiculous premise, obviously just made to give teenage boys something to whack off to, wishing they could do what Joel did. Story along the same line as The Girl Next Door. Loser teenage boy meets call girl/porn star, they get all their friends together to make some money and in the end she gives up her whore ways to be his girlfriend. Every boy’s dream, right?