I'm Lovin'... I Know Who Killed Me Wardrobe

Despite what almost everyone else says, I liked I Know Who Killed Me. And I really like Lindsay Lohan's wardrobe. Here's why:

I need to add a pair of brown boots to my shoe wardrobe because I only have black so far. These would be perfect. Sturdy heels, worn leather (although I'd prefer fake leather) and I like the laces.

I love her sweater! The combination of the casual sweatshirt fabric with the unique less casual design is what makes me love it. I was going to write- if anyone knows where I can get something like it, tell me! But then I found something almost identical the other day. And I love it.

Aubrey wears a lot of blue and I think blue looks great on brunettes. I also want Lindsay Lohan's hair in this movie. Once mine grows out, it'll be dark brown and wavy like hers. I love the loose side pony and the black framed glasses. I have a pair of fake glasses like those. I like to wear them to look/feel smart.

This outfit is so cute and retro. I love the hat, it's so 20's. So is the coat. Or around that time, I dunno. All in all, it's cute and feminine and stylish. Definitely not typical stripper outerwear.