Movie Lover

It seems that this blog has become all about movies. A film buff, movie geek, cinephile, whatever you want to call it, that's me. I just love movies. I love watching them; being taken into another world for a few hours. I love filmmaking; creating a world from words on a page to be seen on a screen. I love the film industry; making the connections between actors, directors, writers, and producers. I love everything about movies.

(Me at 13 making my first video Summer '03)

I've wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 12 years old when I first got to use a digital camcorder at school. I love capturing moments forever on tape, that will never happen again. I love creating moments to edit together to make a video. I love going through hours of footage to find the best parts to put into a video. I can watch footage I’ve filmed over and over and over while editing it into a video. I can watch some movies over and over and over and still enjoy them, too.

I currently have almost 500 movies (most of them downloaded, shh- don't tell). And my list of movies to see and/or get is just as long (thanks to a year of being on dial-up, unable to download). Some people wonder how I can possibly have time to watch all those movies and my answer is; I have no life, all I do is watch movies. There are just so many movies out there and I want to see them all! Each one is a different experience, they put me in different moods, they make me think about different things, they inspire me, teach me, make me happy, make me sad. A movie is a way to be transported into another world and forget about your world for a while.

So, if you’re going to keep reading this blog, you’d better be a movie fan because this blog is about my life and a lot of my life is movies.