My Most Irritating Movie Theatre Experience Ever

Although Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a kick-ass movie, I couldn’t fully enjoy it because of the most annoying girl in the world sitting a seat away from me.

She and her friend talked loudly throughout most of the movie, they repeated funny lines after they were said, and when things got intense (for her, it wasn’t actually that intense) she jumped up and down in her seat and threw her arms up and down like a retarded child, which shook the whole row of seats. All of those things, combined with the anger building in my head, were very distracting from the movie.

About three quarters through the movie, Kim and I were getting really pissed off, and Kim said “You should throw this empty juice box at her if she does it again.” Of course, Kim was just kidding because Kim doesn’t like to cause conflict, and neither do I. However, the next time she went spazzy I just had my own little spaz and quickly grabbed the juice box and chucked it over at her without looking away from the screen.

I saw out of the corner of my eye she and her friend looking at me and talking about it, so Kim and I both got really nervous that they would retaliate. So actually, it didn’t help with the distraction from the movie because after that I was distracted by thinking about what they might do to me. Thankfully, they didn’t do anything. Kim and I left the theatre quicker than usual (I like to stay and watch the credits to make sure we don’t miss any extra scenes and wait for the crowd to disperse) to avoid them just in case. They actually came into the bathroom while we were in there but they didn’t even say anything to me. I was a little disappointed actually, because I had come up with the perfect thing to say to them if they said anything to me: “Well, I would have just asked you politely to stop but it’s rude to talk during a movie.” Ha!

That was by far the most annoying movie watching experience I’ve had. I’ve dealt with annoying kids talking, people saying things out loud during the movie, people getting up often, but never a consistently uber annoying person sitting so close to me. I really hope it never happens again because I might end up throwing more than just an empty juice box at someone.