Three Mini Reviews

I learned a lot of good tricks from this movie about a mother and daughter con team. The story line is kind of cheesey what with all the falling in love and such. It's funny and cute. My favorite thing is definitely how they trick men into doing whatever they want just by being sexy, irresistible women.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
I can't believe I haven't seen this classic children's movie until now! It's a fun musical made in the 60's, set in the early 1900's, like Mary Poppins. It has the same vibe and even a similar story line and themes as Mary Poppins. Not to mention it also stars the talented Dick van Dyke, oddly enough the only one in the movie without a British accent. The songs are so catchy I've had them all in my head since I saw it. I like the innocent sweetness of old movies like this. I wish life was still so simple that once two people kiss, they have to get married.

I love disaster/end of the world movies so I was interested in Knowing because it seemed to be that. I also like scientific movies, so the thing with the numbers interested me. Turns out this movie was actually a lot scarier than I expected. Creepy pale guys dressed in black showing up in the dark all the time really freaked me out. If you like this type of movie, then Knowing will not disappoint.