5 Mini Reviews

Inland Empire
I think this movie is trying to hard. Like the filmmaker is trying to be meaningful and meaningless at the same time. Like he put together a bunch of random deeply meaningful scenes with deeply meaningful dialogue together in a meaningless way. Except that deeply meaningful scenes aren’t meaningful without a connection to other scenes. Every scene just made me go “uh… okay… and what is this supposed to mean? What does this have to do with anything else in this movie?” I actually stopped watching about half way through because it went from creepy to scary. I don’t know if I can handle finishing it. Besides being scary, it just wasn't good.

I can sum this movie up in four words; “What a crazy bitch!” That’s what Addie kept saying throughout the entire movie. The story is fairly predictable and unoriginal. It tries to keep the suspense up by constantly putting him in danger and then- oh, good he got out of that one, and then right away again- oh, no, he’s still screwed. Some people might like that kind of suspense and watching all the crazy things that girl does, but it wasn’t very interesting to me.

Bride Wars
Cheesey, predictable, faintly amusing. There’s not enough story line to make it a good movie. It’s just an introduction to the characters and then the rest of the movie is the stuff the girls do to each other to ruin each other’s weddings. The ending was just as cheesey as the rest of the movie- can you say "Baby Wars"?

Bedtime Stories
So funny, so cute. Love Adam Sandler and Russell Brand. It's just a cute, silly kids movie but it's funny for adults, too. I laughed every time the guinea pig with huge eyes was on screen, it's just ridiculous.

The Time Traveler’s Wife
This movie was actually really smart about time travel. Some movies and TV shows with time travel just get it all wrong and it doesn't make sense. This movie explains it all very well. I won't attempt to explain it, but you will understand it in the movie. Every connection is explained, it doesn't make you question anything. Besides the time traveling, it's a really good love story. Really sad. It's just good. Go see it. You might cry.