Despite what the trailer had me believe, this movie is not very funny. There are some funny parts but mostly is a pretty serious story about college kids and their problems. Jesse Eisenberg reminds me of Micheal Cera and Simon Amstell. Kristen Stewart is… well, all I have to say is Kristen Stewart and you’ll know what she’s like in this movie if you’ve seen her in anything else because she is the exact same in all her movies. That girl has no emotions and the only thing that makes her stand out is her awkward stuttering thing she does while she runs her fingers through her hair awkwardly. She’s just always an awkward looking person. Can you tell I’m not a fan? Despite Kristen Stewart being Kristen Stewart, it’s a good movie about that unsure post-high school/college phase of life.

Cheese Rating: 1/5
Hilarity Rating: 2/5
Quality Rating: 4/5
For Fans of: Garden State, Igby Goes Down, Ghost World, Micheal Cera
Final Verdict: despite Kristen Stewart, it’s a good watch.

Rated FTishWriting