Gossip Girl Season 3 Premiere

I'm late posting this, but here it is anyway...

The kids of the Upper East Side go to college! Somehow most of them ended up going to college in the city. How convenient for Gossip Girl…

Oh, Chuckles, back to your old tricks.
Oh, S, back to your old ways.
Where is Lily?
Cut your hair, Dan.
I like Chuck and Blair’s little game, but it can’t last long.
More lies, Serena? You’re going to get tangled up in that web you’re weaving.
Oh, Natey, rebellion doesn’t suit you.
Vanessa’s extensions look nasty.
Blair’s dress looks like a sea foam green 80’s bridesmaid monstrosity.
Carter’s a creep.
Where’s Georgie?
The whole adopted son storyline is so lame.
Ooh, I like Chuck and Blair’s new game.
Poor little rich girl wants her daddy’s attention, pathetic.

I'm getting bored with Gossip Girl. I think it's just too high school for me. All these high school shows with so much drama are just so ridiculous they aren't enjoyable to me. They just don't make any sense.