My holidays were pretty mild. Here are some things I took pictures of.

My mom's Christmas present to herself. Crazy.
(That used to be where my "room" was in their basement.)
My parents' pathetic Christmas tree. You can see right through it!

My Christmas present for my parents.Christmas present for Addie & Mike

We went to Goderich for a few days to visit my Grandma in the nursing home.Driving through the "big city"! (Toronto)
Huge transport trucks five feet from the car scare me.

It was like a friggin blizzard everywhere.
Our sexy motel. The walls inside were the same colors.
Lake Huron! I used to live near Lake Huron and I miss it so much. I miss the beach and just looking out into the huge endless water.
New Year's Eve!

Kim was playing bartender.
Kim & Dave