10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Hedgehogs

Cactus hedgehog.
Chocolate hedgehog.
Silly hedgehog.
Backwards hedgehog.
Albino hedgehog.So-cute-it-doesn't-look-real hedgehog.
Angry hedgehog.
Stuck hedgehog.

2. Possibly the Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen

Fuck, I love trees.

3. Audrey Kitching's Peta2 Change Campaign Movie

I'd love to dress up as a superhero and a villain for the sake of Peta.

4. Dog Label Maker

You know I love my label maker. I label everything. But, a DOG label maker?! I'm in love!

5. Teepees

I want to make one this Summer.
And spend the night in it.

6. Improv Everywhere

This group does lots of awesome things like this. Some are like gags or pranks, they're all really funny. Check out their YouTube for more of their fun adventures.

7. Make Love, Not Horcuxes

If you don't know what a horcrux is, you suck.
8. Willa Holland

9. Stars on Faces

10. The Unicorn-Pegasus Mixed Breed