It's time for another iPhone photo recap of my life!

This was the day after the Dora massacre. Hanging out with Kim's cats while she was at work.

I can find my name on a lot of stuff at my parents' house because they have a lot of British and Scottish stuff. Ha ha ha.

I've actually started to get good at Etch-a-Sketch drawing. The mountains and the flying thing were just by chance and then I decided that it looked like the mountains and flying thing from Avatar (we'd just watched it). So I added the big tree and little people and "AVATAR." Not too bad, I think.

After being quite pleased with my first drawing, I decided to try something a little more ambitious. Again, I think, not bad.
I made a pair of disco/mirror sunglasses. I think they're pretty bitchin' and I only cut myself once while making them! I'm planning on dressing up and doing a rockin' crazy photoshoot with these babies. They'll be for sale on my Etsy. Eventually....
Thanks to GeekSugar, I found out how my favorite bloggers were getting awesome old school camera looking photos on their iPhone. It's an app called Hipstamatic.

I went a little photo crazy with it because I love the look of old photos!
I actually rearranged my closet since this photo. Organization makes me happy. =)

Pinkberry and Sady Doll!

I wanted to get the sweet Hipstamatic look on photos I already have, so I tried taking a picture of my computer screen. Not that great.

I went for a walk to the park.

I had no idea it was a friggin' water park!

I can't believe I live in fucking suburbia.

The house I live in. There are two apartments in the basement.

My door!

Home from my walk. Still testing out Hipstamatic.

And then I accidentally discovered that shaking it makes all the options (film, lense, flash) random. So I had to take lots of photos to test them out.
Duff from Ace of Cakes has his own cake supplies line at Michaels! Eee! =D

Pretty box from Michaels.

Making my Runaway Girls Week 12 video, showing off Hipstamatic as my Love of the Week.
More randoms.

My Hello Kitty alarm clock. =)

I saw this sign on the way to the grocery store. We're going this weekend! (Hopefully)

Thanks to Genius in the iPhone app store, I found three more old photo apps.

Shake It Photo takes pictures and makes them look like Polaroids. You even get to shake it after you take the picture to make it appear.

Cross Process lets you choose filter options like basic, red, green and blue or more than one to create old/instant looking photos. You can use it to take photos or edit ones on your iPhone.
SwankoLab looks like a dark room and you can choose from several different chemicals to apply to a picture to create lots of different combinations and looks. Fun!

I think I'll put some photos from my computer on my iPhone so I can try different looks with these apps on them. I just love the old/instant photo look! I really want a program for my computer that will do what these apps do. Do you know any?

I can't wait to take lots of photos this weekend and make them look old and cool! And I think that my iPhone actually takes better video that my digital camera, but I want to test it in different lights and situations so I can really compare. So my iPhone might become my secondary video camera, rather than my digital camera. We'll see...