10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Ow, my eyes.

2. Pretty Hands

3. Wishes & Dreams

These pictures gave me a great idea. I'm going to get two pretty jars or bottles and label them "Wishes" and "Dreams". Whenever I come up with a dream for my life, I'll write it down, roll it up and tie it with a bow. Whenever I have a wish, I'll take a star, make my wish and put it in the wish jar. I think it will look super cute and be a nice thing to do.

4. Cupcakes Owning Muffins

5. Disco Pills

6. Tiger Dog

7. Sleep

I need some more.

8. Remember Me

A really sweet love story. Love Robert Pattinson's character. Love the ending.

9. So Cute

10. Embracing What Makes You Special

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