Batman: Girl Power

I'm not actually a big Batman fan. I do, however, love the girls of Batman.

Poison Ivy

I gotta love Poison Ivy. She's got bright red hair and she loves plants. She's me. But evil. I wanted to be her for Halloween sometime, but then I got rid of my red hair.

Harley Quinn

I think Harley Quinn is my favorite Batman girl. I hope they put her in a movie soon. I really don't know much about her because she's never been in any of the movies and I've never read the comics. I just love her name and her look. And I'm pretty sure she's a crazy villain like The Joker.


I think I'm going to add Catwoman to the Batman movies I'm watching this week. I heard it sucks, but I want to see it anyway, while I'm in the mood for it.


Batgirl just seems like a wannabe Batman. She couldn't even come up with her own animal like Catwoman, she just copied Batman.

Maybe I'm biased because I'm, you know, a girl. But I think the female superheros are much more interesting than the male. Maybe it's because they're not the main character, they get to be stranger and have more quirks because they're just for fun on the side.
I say, if they insist on continuing to make more and more superhero/comic movies, they should make them about the female superheros. Girl power, baby!