Last Weekend

My weekend started Thursday night when my mom picked me up.

I am the Queen of Overpacking.
This time was especially bad because I happened to be bringing my comforters & pillows to wash (the machine here is too small), baking supplies (to bake more for the church bake sale), cupcakes & cookies (for bake sale), several bags of stuff for the Salvation Army. I swear, I usually just need my backpack. Or two.


I made my Runaway Girls t-shirt, which is our first 'mission.'

Looking for tape in my dad's study, this was on his desk.My father is a very strange man.

The spray fabric paint didn't work out as well as I had hoped.
Letting the shirt dry.

I think my parents have a serious solar lights addiction.


The church bake sale/plant sale/car wash.
Note the little tiny boy helping. It was so cute to watch him try to wash the cars with a giant broom. Yup, church is all about child labor.

Wouldn't be a church event without some Depends...

Saturday night I went to the fair with Kim & Monica.

I had to make sure my little friends were tall enough for the rides!
Okay, I was on my tip-toes, but I am like 5 inches taller than them.

Fake Indiana Jones.
We could tell that it was a fake Indiana because he didn't have a whip and he was just standing there with his hands up surrounded by bad guys. The real Indiana wouldn't just stand there helpless.

Mystery bee! We wanted to ride this one, but we got told to go on Parker.
Taking a picture of Monica...
Taking a picture of us!
Kim is sweet and wanted to hold Parker's hand.
I, however, prefer a nice slap on the ass.
I think the bee butts look like a fat kid in black clothes squished into something and then a kind in yellow clothes squished into that kid.

Kim won a big white cock playing the water gun game.

My new best friend, Mike, convinced me to play the dart balloon popping game.
He kept giving me more free throws!
Action shots!
High five!
Mike getting me my prize...
My purple pony! It's a My Little Pony wannabe.
Mike said he had to be in the picture, too.


On the roller coaster.

We kept an eye out all night, but never saw any tacos walking around. We were very disappointed.

Of course, I had to try on some of the crazy sunglasses!
I was just so impressed that strips of plastic in front of your eyes creates UV 400 protection!
I would have bought these if there wasn't that circle in the middle. I love the half-circle shape.

The way the world should be... Right, boys?
Spinning hubcap belt buckles = gangsta!
Groovy holographic pictures.
Ya. I actually bought the cowboy hat.
Amazingly tacky.
'Cause Monica knows how much I love Dora.

Monica got trapped in the glass & mirror maze.
That little girl came in just behind us in the maze and kept getting stuck.
Crazy mirrors.
Trying to be sexy.
I like big butts and I cannot lie...
The crazy mirror house ended in a slide.
Slides scare me when I can't see where they end...

Waiting in line for the crazy upside-down ride.
We were concerned Monica might not fit.
I don't do upside down rides, so I had to hold everyone's toys and purses.
We named our ponies after songs that were playing as we stood in line. Mine (purple) is X after a DMX song (she was DMX but later I decided just X was better). Kim's (blue) is Aqua (Dr. Jones was playing.) Monica's (orange) is Gold Digger (Kanyé song.) And then there's Colonel Cluck.
Scary ride.

On the ferris wheel.
When we got on the ferris wheel the carnie said "Nothing goes outside the glass." And then I saw the pole in the middle holding up the roof so, of course, I asked "But, can we pole dance?"
I tried to get a nice shot of the whole fair, but of course my timing is impeccable.

Last thing before we left: Monica had to get the Colossus Bagosaurus of cotton candy.

And that was my weekend.

How was yours?
TishTish, video