Pretty Little Liars Preview

I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Gossip Girl?

ABC Family brings us another gem of a show. Yes, yet another show based on a tween/teen series of books. Doesn't it just look sooo scandalous?! This show just looks ridiculous and insulting to my intelligence. Part horrible, cheesey, B horror movie part shallow, pathetic, teen show. Who is going to watch this nonsense? Oh, right, tweens who think teenage drama like this is, like, so totally cool and, like, omg, that's what it's like to be a teenager, so, like, let's act shallow and bitchy like that.
I'm so over teenage shows like this. I stopped watching Gossip Girl during the second season because I couldn't handle the preposterous story lines and over-dramatic reactions to everything. It makes me sad to think of all the teenage and pre-teen girls who watch this stuff and actually enjoy it, want to be like these girls and think that's how they should be. Sure, everyone loves drama, but I think shows aimed at girls in that crucial developmental stage of their lives should be a little smarter. Audiences are as smart as you will let them be. If you write a dumb show you're audience will enjoy staying dumb. I think teenage girls need an intelligent, well written, interesting show full of good role models. But, you know, not too "after school special."
I'm sure this show won't last long, anyway. I think the Pretty Little Liars will be Pretty Little Unemployed Liars soon.

Note: I'm trying to write more reviews of movies, telly, and even trailers/previews like this. They won't usually be negative like this, though. I usually like to write about things that I want to recommend to people, not just criticize. But, when I saw this preview I just had to write about it.