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I'm back! Miss me?

Rather than continue writing lackluster, uninspired blog posts, I took a break from blogging to get my writing creativity back and come up with some new ideas for my blog. I came up with some great new ideas for features and posts. My blog will focus more on fashion and movies now. Two things I love. I will continue to write about other things I love, of course, like cakes, crafts, art, cool people, music, and a little about myself.

What you can look forward to seeing on my blog…

- In place of 10 Things I Love Sunday, I’ll be doing Pretty Sunday. If I love something enough, I’ll write an entire post about it. But I do like to share some of the inspiring pictures I find online.
- Rather than just sharing an outfit every Fashion Friday, I’m going to change it up and do Wardrobe Remixes. I’ll show you three ways to wear one item of clothing. As well as the occasional What I Wore post.
- I find a lot of my fashion inspiration from characters in movies/telly and celebrities, so I’m going to write some posts on my favorite Style stars.
- I'll show you how to get a character's or person's look by recreating it myself in Get the Look posts.
- I’ll be writing more Reviews of movies, telly, books etc. I’ll review new movies that I see, older movies that I want to recommend to you and trailers/previews of new movies and tv shows coming out soon.
- I will continue to do Monthly Movie Marathons. At the beginning of each month I’ll give you a list, with reviews and descriptions, of movies for you to watch that month.
- I'll introduce you to some of my favorite girls, from the famous to not-so-famous, with Girl I Love posts.
- I’ll continue to keep you updated on what I’m up to with posts about my life with La Photo Cabine pictures.

I've added some links, above, to the main features of this blog as well as my other online ventures.

ABOUT - Learn more about me.
FASHION - What I Wore, Style features, Get the Look, Wardrobe Remix, etc.
REVIEWS - Reviews and articles on movies, telly, books, etc.
CAKES - The website for Lux Cake Designs, the cake business I started with my friend, Kim.
VIDEO - My YouTube channel.
RUNAWAY GIRLS - Runaway Girls YouTube channel.

I'll be back later today with my first Pretty Sunday post and August's Monthly Movie Marathon.