Etsy Shop Preview: Glasses

I am tantalizingly close to finally getting my Etsy shop up and running. I'm just waiting on getting my credit card (need one to set up an Etsy shop, pay for fees, etc.) and getting a few details in order like photographing my products, deciding prices, figuring out packaging, and finishing up some products I'm working on.

What I can show you so far are the glasses I've made. I'm bad at deciding on prices, but I think the yarn glasses will be $10 or $15 and the ones that took more time and supplies will be $20.

Yarn Nerd Frames : Pink/Orange

Yarn Nerd Frames : Blue/Green

Yarn Nerd Frames : Dark Purple

Yarn Grandma Frames : Pink/Orange

Yarn Grandma Frames : Blue/Green

Rhinestone Nerd Frames : Pink/Purple

Sunglasses : Studded Wayfarers

Sunglasses : Disco Mirror

[I used my ironing board cover as a background. Isn't it the cutest?!]