My Favorite Hang Out: Day One

Last week I stopped by my new favorite place, the cemetery, on my way home from work a couple times. Since I was a little kid I've loved to hang out in cemeteries. They're so pretty and peaceful. They're just like parks with grass and tress, but with all these interesting stones to read. And, usually, there aren't any people around.
About a month ago, I finally checked out the cemetery just down the street from me.
I was so happy to know that there was a huge cemetery down the street from me when I moved here, but I never checked it out because I didn't want to go by myself. It wasn't until my friend Linda and I hung out and decided to have an adventure that I finally got to check it out. And now I'm in love. It's so beautiful. My first trip, I only had my iPhone to take pictures. It takes pretty good pictures, though.

I like to take pictures of the tombstones with interesting names.

Kempster sounds like a nickname for someone from Kemptville (my hometown.)

I'm all for brotherly love, man. The other side you can't read says "Relief."

In case you didn't know what the bench was for, it's for resting.

That guy's name was "S/L". What kind of name has a / in it?

This cemetery is MASSIVE, so it's divided into many sections. Don't ask me what the fuck "columbarium" means.

Cemetery spider.


This sexy beast was my boyfriend.


Like I said, this cemetery is massive, so I used the compass on my iPhone to find my way back.

Oooh, my curiosity was killing me to look underneath, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Rose Byrne?!?! Nooooo!!!

Would you be offended if your family only got you one sixth of a mausoleum space rather than a full block?

Another section.

I wish I had a cemetery in my backyard.

These were display stones. Shopping for tombstones, anyone?

One of the stranger ornaments I saw near a tombstone. No idea what FLT is.

I love the really old ones that are worn down and covered in moss.

This wasn't a tombstone, it was along the edge of the cemetery. No idea what it means.

Walking home.

Stay tuned for my second day in the cemetery, with my real camera, tomorrow.

[Click here for Day Two]