Birthday Week: Part Two

The Museum of Science & Technology!

Before we even got there, there was some excitement at the corner. It looked like a police escort for someone important coming from the museum. We were all excited to ask when we got there who had been there, but the girl working there said it was just a training thing.

Onto the museum...

This guy had a sexy 70's hair do and mustache.

Look, we're hockey players! Well, Kim actually is a hockey player. She said I had to be the blue one because that was the Leafs. (I don't care about sports, but growing up, Toronto was our team. And then I moved near Ottawa and found out everyone here hates the Leafs. So I like to say they're my team, just to make people mad. It's fun cause I just really don't care.)

This is my new boyfriend. Sexy.

We went in this crazy maze kind of thing that was supposed to teach us about electricity. We had to follow directions to pretend we were electrical data running through cables. I didn't learn anything, I just thought it looked cool.

And then Kim and I went to Mars! It was a space travel simulator. It was amazing, but really short. The introduction video about how it's the future and we're bringing a fuel source to the colony on Mars was longer than the actual simulator. The seats moved, so it really felt and looked like we were in a space craft taking off and flying around Mars. It was awesome. We saved Mars!

The "Crazy Kitchen!" It's just a room with a slanted floor that makes it really hard to walk straight.

Crazy mirrors! It's so hard to get a good picture because you can't use flash. This was the clearest of all the photos I took in the mirrors. And coincidentally, I think the only one where we aren't making inappropriate poses and gestures. ;)

I love these things! They look so cool! I wasn't actually touching it. It was in a plexiglass box, but it was close enough to the plexiglass that if I touched it, it came to my fingers. This was in the gift shop.

I payed a dollar to watch a copper disc get pressed into this. I'm going to drill a tiny hole in it so I can put it on a necklace.

Outside, we took some pictures in front of the rocket, trying to make us look bigger than it.

And then I made my birthday cake.

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