ModCloth Love

I came home to a lovely surprise this evening. My ModCloth order had arrived!

I have a thing for birdcages, if you didn't already know. And since I now have a business with business cards, I wanted a pretty business card holder.
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I fell in love with this a while ago, and when I went to see it again it was out of stock, so I signed up to get emailed when it was back in stock. And then I figured, since I was ordering this, I might as well take a look around and see what else I want, since I'd lusted after some rings on ModCloth...

Meet my new friend, Mr. Octopus.
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I had seen someone doing this on their blog (sorry, can't remember what blog) and I thought it was cool, so when I saw it on ModCloth, I just had to have it. It's awesome. I'm looking forward to doing some of the cool stuff with it. The point is, each page has instructions of what to do with that page, like write on it, doodle on it, smear something on it, crumple it up, rip it out, etc.
[Buy it here]I'm going to share on my blog what I do with some of the more interesting pages.