My Birthday

Okay, I'm only like two weeks late getting around to this...

Kim was going to be a sexy French maid again, but then we decided she could be Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Kim was trying to make this face.
"And then the pelvic thrust"

And Kim just being cute.

I was Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear in Risky Business.
[Watch the scene here.]
I never got to actually wear my costume as I intended (shorts, not just undies, by the way) because we only wore our costumes to go out to lunch and it was c-c-c-cold, so I had to put on pants and a jacket. (And shoes, but not for this picture.)
I decided that Kim's cat, Mully, and I had the same pattern of black and white going on.

So I tried to get a picture of us together, but she just wasn't having it.

We went to lunch and I had this delicious drink called a Melon Ball.

And just for comparison...
My 19th birthday lunch. Same restaurant. Same Kim. Different drink (Sex on the Beach).
And that wraps up Birthday Week.
I'm glad it's over. Now I can start getting into Christmas goodness.