Delcious Day 8: Paper Snowflakes

Oh, wait. These aren't edible. Oh, well. They're simply delicious to look at. Eye candy, if you will.

If you've somehow missed learning how to make a paper snowflake, check out Mandi's post The Art of Making a Paper Snowflake.

These are all the supplies you will need. I also ended up using some silver origami paper and some tissue paper.
Here are a couple of examples of patterns to show how they look folded and then opened.

I put a couple heavy books on top of the snowflakes after I unfolded them, to keep them nice and flat. I also suggest that, as you unfold each fold, fold it way back, so that each layer gets unbent.

And then I made some out of tissue paper.
And then it's time to get your glitter on! Last year I used white glue and poured glitter on it, which was extremely messy. So this year I opted for glitter glue.

Then just hang them up with some white thread and scotch tape.

So pretty and festive! Not just for Christmas, but for all Winter long.