Interior Inspiration

My lease is up at the end of March and I am soooo excited to move into a new apartment! One reason being that I've been told this place is really overpriced, so finding something cheaper would be great. Another reason is that I love to redecorate! I'm so excited to go through all my stuff, throw out junk, pack it all up and then get to reorganize it all in a new space. Also, right now I'm in a basement with one tiny window and my new place will probably be in a real apartment building and have actual windows. I'm so excited for sunlight!

I definitely can't afford new furniture and décor (frankly, I love all my colorful furniture and I have more than enough stuff to decorate a small apartment) but I love to look at beautiful interior spaces. My ideal space would be white walls, so all my colorful stuff stands out.

So, here's some pretty, and mostly not-so-practical, interior inspiration.