Some Mac Shopping

One of my January goals is "No extraneous spending. Not even craft supplies."

This is so hard for me because I am a major shopaholic. And I work at Michaels, where I see so much cute stuff and craft supplies that I want. Not to mention I see all the great deals that make shopping even more tempting.

So, I think I've already broken this goal by purchasing a new Mac OS, mouse and remote for my iMac.
The remote was actually needed because the back button stopped working.
And the mouse is half-necessity since the scroll ball hasn't been working for years. (It stopped working after only a few months, I got a new one, and it stopped working again, so I just kept it.) And since they don't sell the wireless mighty mouse anymore, and I wasn't going to downgrade to a wired mouse (with a scroll ball that would probably stop working.) I went for the (expensive) new magic mouse. It's all fancy touch click and scroll; no buttons. It better last forever.
So, really, the only completely unnecessary thing was the new Snow Leopard OS. I'm perfectly happy with my OS (10.4) except that some new applications and updates (and the new mouse) will only work with 10.6. I'm just a little nervous about losing all my files, applications and system settings when I install the new OS.

I think mostly I'm looking forward to being able to scroll without dragging the scroll bar. And not being able to use the back button on the remote has gotten pretty annoying.

P.S. I enjoyed my Christmas break but catching up on all that sleep and having all the time to just chillax got me in a sleepy, lazy funk which then turned into a cold. =( So basically, I've been in bed since Christmas (with the exception of work- which has been way less since the crazy pre-Christmas season has ended). But finally today I wasn't completely exhausted or completely sick and actually got some stuff done. I'll be back to blogging regularly soon.