Film Fashion: Gidget

It's the

Remember in Grease, when Rizzo, making fun of Sandy, sings "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee." Well, this is who she was referring to. Adorable "good-girl" actress Sandra Dee, most well known for playing tomboy surfer Gidget.
Gidget is a feisty little 16 year old girl who, unlike her friends, doesn't want to go on "man-hunts" at the beach. She just wants to have fun, and after checking out some of the boys surfing, she decides she wants to try it for herself. Gidget's a "good girl" and a rebel at the same time.
While she makes friends with the rough n' tumble surf bums, she wears the most adorable swimming costumes. I've always loved 50's-60's style swimming costumes because they create beautiful, sexy silhouettes without revealing too much skin. They often look like little dresses or rompers. You don't have to show off your lady bits to look sexy in a swimsuit!