Micky Green's Retro Music Videos

I recently came across this amazing artist, Micky Green, an Australian living in Paris. She's got a totally retro sound to her music and her music videos reflect that. Check out the different decades Micky channels to go with her groovy music.

This Gidget inspired video for Micky's song Ouba makes me long for summer and cute swimming costumes. Even just listening to the song while walking home from work in the cold and snow makes me feel like it's already Summer. Sigh. Well, until the weather warms up we can all enjoy this adorable music video.

Micky channels an undercover spy in this 70's inspired video for T.L. The 70's aren't my favorite fashion decade, but she makes them look sophisticated and cool for this video. I think the song is a bit 70's, as well. It feels like a slowed down, more soulful disco. If that even makes sense...

The 80's are probably my least favorite fashion decade, so this video isn't my favorite, but some of you may think it's awesome. Micky gets bright and crazy 80's style in this video for Shoulda. She sports several different bright obnoxious outfits that match her animated backgrounds. The song, however, is not 80's (thank goodness), it's more mellow & groovy like T.L.