My Week

What I've been working on (more photos here) is keychains made with these cute erasers that we sell at Michaels. I thought they were so cute, but so pointless because they wouldn't make good erasers and, being erasers, they're not tough enough to just be little toys.
My first idea was to coat them in Mod Podge to protect them from being erasable. But that wasn't as "gloss" and thick as I thought it would be, and it left brush strokes. So, I asked one of my co-workers (who actually works on the floor and knows all the products, unlike me) what I should use and she showed me the Triple Thick gloss glaze pictured below. It's awesome! Just what I had wanted! It makes them nice and shiny and makes them tough. I've had the cute hippie one on my bag for a couple days to test it out and it survived pouring rain and being shoved in my locker, so I think it's safe to say these erasers can now handle being keychains.

In other news...
  • I won a second giveaway! I can't believe it! This time I get a beautiful wood ring from Ian Gill thanks to Moorea Seal. (The first giveaway I won was the calendar from Seablanket.)
  • Awkward moment at work: A girl came in to return two boxes of wedding invitations and said "I bought these a few weeks ago, but then my fiancé broke up with me on Tuesday, so I don't need them anymore."
  • I'm taking the online course Indie Business. It's only been a week and already it's helping me so much with planning products and branding for my Etsy shop and a lot of other ideas. These girls really know what they're talking about!
  • I'm back on Twitter! I'm trying to be interesting, but after giving up Twitter in favor of Facebook almost a year ago, it's hard coming up with short quips to say in under 140 characters. I can tell people a whole story on Facebook!