Week of Italia: Stealing Beauty

For a break from the mainstream romantic comedies, here's something very different, Stealing Beauty.

A beautiful movie written and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, the Italian director famous for his graphically sexual, provocative films. This movie is no exception. However, it's not as obscene as The Dreamers, which I tried to watch once. There is nudity and a few strange sexual encounters, but it's never crude. The story is about 19-yr-old Lucy (Liv Tyler) trying to solve the mystery of her mother's suicide, her diary, and who her real father is. She also came to her mother's friend's Italian estate to reconnect with the boy she fell in love with last time she visited and have her likeness sculpted by another family friend. Lucy is trying to discover who she is by learning more about her mother, writing poetry, and struggling with her unrequited love.
Overall, it's a very serious, intriguing, odd feeling movie. It gave me a feeling of being out of place amongst these people who let it all hang out. But, in the end you get a beautiful story of self discovery. The trailer should give you an idea of how the film feels.

Besides the beautiful story, there is, of course, beautiful Italy...