Be Italian!

I'm so excited to be doing another theme week! This time it's all about movies. I coincidentally watched several movies set in beautiful Italy recently, which made me lust for my own Tuscan villa or, in lieu of that, more movies showing me Italy's gorgeous landscapes and seasides. Commence sighing and swooning...

I hope you'll join me in this Week of Italia, watching all these great Italian-set movies. I may even find some time to share some other posts about Italy!

I'm starting this Week of Italia with a musical. While it doesn't show off those beautiful Italian landscapes I was talking about, it is quite Italian.

I'm rubbish at writing summaries (I never know what to include, what's a spoiler, what's to much detail), so I'll leave that up to
Arrogant, self-centered movie director Guido Contini finds himself struggling to find meaning, purpose, and a script for his latest film endeavor. With only a week left before shooting begins, he desperately searches for answers and inspiration from his wife, his mistress, his muse, and his mother. As his chaotic profession steadily destroys his personal life, Guido must find a balance between creating art and succumbing to its obsessive demands.

To be honest, this isn't one of my favorite films, but I do love a few of the songs, so if the movie as a whole doesn't appeal to you, at least check out these musical numbers. Good times, hot girls, and great music.

I'll be back tomorrow and every day this week with a movie featuring Italy, as well as other posts about Italy!