Happy Two-Year Anniversary, Blog!

I've been posting on this blog for two years! That's a pretty big accomplishment for me, who has had countless blogs over the years and never blogs consistently. So, I'd like to share my blog story...

I've had many, many blogs over the years, but this one officially started April 9th, 2009. It started as tishcakes.blogspot.com, and I believe I was calling it "tishcakes" or maybe just "TISH". At the time, I was living in my parents' basement (college dropout cliche, I know) and only had dial-up internet! My first post was a review of The Butterfly Effect DVD. My intention of the blog was to share the things I like (movies, telly, websites, people, fashion, etc.) and interesting parts of my life. Amazingly, that remains my intention with this blog. Perhaps that's why I've managed to keep this one for so long.

For that first summer, my blog was mostly movie reviews. And then I moved into Ottawa to go to college, and changed my blog to Tish in the City. I started posting more about my life; my fashion, my adventures, my baking classes. I continued to share what I love, including the videos I was making. I was making a video for almost every week, so I wasn't blogging as much.

I think it was some point in early '10 that I changed the blog name to sugar + razor blades and my URL to tishchambers.blogspot.com. "Sugar and razor blades" comes from the lyrics of Babydoll Gone Wrong by Skye Sweetnam. It's just a phrase that I liked, and then I thought it actually works with my blog since I post about baking (sugar) and crafts (razor blades/scissors) and film (film was originally spliced/edited with razor blades- but that's a bit of an obscure reference).

Although I still can't manage to blog daily, or keep to a schedule, I really enjoy blogging as a way to share the things that I love and my opinions. And just for fun, a bit about me.

When I saw that I was approaching my two year anniverary, I started looking back on my posts, seeing what I've done.

Features that I've tried...
Friday's Fave Five
Fashion Fridays
10 Things I Love Sunday
Music Mondays
Let Them Eat Cake!
La Photo Cabine of the Day
Monthly Movie Marathon
Pretty Sunday
12 Delicious Days of Christmas
None of them lasted very long, as I'm not so good with a strict blogging schedule.

One of my favorite blog ideas was Batman Week! It was fun to take something I was temporarily really into and incorporate it into my blog in different types of posts. I'm planning on a Week of Italia soon, reviewing movies set in Italy. I'm looking forward to doing more theme weeks!

Some common posts I tried...
I did a lot of groups of mini-reviews (Pretty useless, right?)
I shared some of my celebrity look-alikes. (One of my odd collections.)
I shared some pieces I wrote for the book I wanted to write, The Little Pink Book.
I shared some of the odd words I like to use with Tish Vocabulary.

As well as blogging, I've also been making videos since I was 13. I had a few video series over the past couple years...
Tuesdays with Tish was a series I did in the fall of '09. I talked about new stuff I liked, etc.
Buzz Video Blog Net was a video blogging group I joined at the beginning of '10. We did a question and challenge each week.
Runaway Girls was the video girl group I started after I get fed up with BVBN and wanted to start my own video group. We all did videos with questions and challenges every week. It lasted an amazing 16 weeks before we decided to take a summer break. And then we never really got started again...

What I've learned from all this is that I'm no good with schedules. Heck, I already new that, really. But I learned not to try to force myself to stick to a schedule with this blog. If I restrict myself too much, or force myself to do posts I'm not really inspired to do, then I'm just posting for the sake of posting. And that results in uninspired, poor quality posts. Instead, I've started to just go wherever my inspiration takes me. I write what I feel like writing when I'm inspired to do so.

I love using my blog as a way to share things I discover, love, and am passionate about. I hope you'll continue to read my blog to see what new things I discover, and what's new with me.