Week of Italia: Letters to Juliet

Something about Italy must inspire sappy romantic comedies. Although, it also inspired Shakespeare, which led to this combination of the two.

Another case of a young woman about to marry the wrong man going off on an adventure, discovering her true love. And, sigh. This time it's Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) about to marry Gael García Bernal (Victor), but instead falls in love with Christopher Egan (Charlie).

Yes, it's a very formulaic story, but as with all generic romantic movies, it has its little details to try to make it special. While visiting Verona with her fiancé, Sophie discovers the Secretaries of Juliet; the women who answer the letters women write to Shakespeare's character with their heartbreaks. Sophie discovers a very old, unanswered letter and responds. The now very old woman, Claire, takes her advice and comes to Italy to find her long lost love, Lorenzo. Sophie, Claire and Claire's grandson, Charlie, set off driving around Italy to find the right Lorenzo. It's silly, it's sweet, it's romantic and they all live happily ever after.

Of course, it wouldn't be so romantic if it wasn't Italy they were traveling around. I mean, who could not fall in love in Italy?

I'm about ready to fall in love just looking at Italy...