Week of Italia: Only You

Take a trip with me back to 1994. Unflattering haircuts, shoulder pads, Chicago accents and a young Robert Downey Jr. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Marisa Tomei (Faith) and Bonnie Hunt (Kate) head to Italy in search of Damon Bradley. As a girl, Faith asked for the name of her soul mate and got the name "Damon Bradley" from a Ouija board and then a fortune teller. Faith is about to get married, but gets a call from a man named Damon Bradley, who is heading to Venice. On a leap of faith (pun!), Faith runs off to Italy to find her soul mate. However, instead of Damon Bradley, she finds the adorable RDJ (Peter), who at first pretends to be Damon Bradley, and then helps her to find the real Damon Bradley. You get the point- misunderstandings lead to hijinks, lead to our two main characters falling in love.

Let's get to the real reason I want you to watch this movie; Italy. Faith and Kate travel to Venice, Rome, Positano and all over the Italian countryside tracking down the elusive Damon Bradley.

Aside from the beautiful shots of Italy, Only You is a cute romantic comedy. If you can get past the horrible 90's hair and clothes, there's a sweet story and an adorably young Robert Downey Jr.