Fuzzy Apple

Back in grade 9, I got into zines. I'm not sure how, but I think it must have been the book Please Don't Kill the Freshman, and later Hard Love that introduced me to that world. I subscribed to the magazine Broken Pencil, which was all about zines. And, of course, I started making my own.

I named it Fuzzy Apple and made one every month for the last few months of grade nine and a few months in grade 10. It was mostly my horrible teen-angst poetry, old journal entries, ramblings, and the occasional properly written article. The most fun was assembling the zines. I would go through all my magazines cutting out letters and interesting pictures. I would print out all my writing in cool fonts, cut it all up and reassemble it on the pages.

I would give copies to all my friends at school, and occasionally some would get passed around to other people. One very controversial article got passed around and photocopied a lot. Ya, I was a little teenage rebel who enjoyed pissing people off.

Well, despite being thoroughly embarrassed by most of the contents, I went to the trouble of scanning them all into my computer, assembling the pages in the right order and uploaded them to my flickr. So, if you fancy, you can check out some of my very old work.

Here are some pages that I'm not too embarrassed by...

(Remember, I was only 14...)
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